2 months in paradise, 2 to go

This Tuesday it was exactly two months ago I left Sweden. It feels like I've been here both longer & shorter. Time flies, but still I am so used to this life now. 

It feels like home when I enter our little house at San Pascual. I am used to sunshine and beachlife. It feels like ages ago I wore a jacket. Grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking is everyday life. And it's so weird to think that only two months ago, I didn't know any of these lovely people I spend every day with now (except Carro though of course).

I told Carro today that I think it is so crazy that the only thing I have here from my life in Sweden is her. Everything else is completely different. The weather, the culture, the people, the house, my friends, the food, the lifestyle, the school and so on. Nothing here is similar to the life I lived in Sweden. 

Still I have adapted so much that I am a little afraid of the thought of going home now. That is crazy. I had no clue that it could be so easy to change your life so much and feel that it is completely right so quickly.

I can't describe how glad I am to be here. Of course there are bad days here as well, but most of the time it's just so easy to be happy. I look around and see wonderful friends, sunshine & palm trees. Isn't that paradise?

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